Sister Sheila Marie Tobbe is an Ursuline Sister and served as a member of the Cleveland Latin American Mission team during the 1990s. In this interview, she shares her experiences in El Salvador, working and living with the Salvadoran people during the civil war and the nature of the work performed there. She discusses an earlier visit to El Salvador during Christmas 1979 and New Year's 1980 when she stayed with Sister Dorothy Kazel and the impact that trip had on her desire to serve as part of the mission team there. Sheila also details the founding of the InterReligious Task Force and the issues of gang violence and drugs in El Salvador in 2016. The interview culminates with her discussing the legacy of martyrdom, not only of the four churchwomen murdered in 1980, but also of every catechist who was killed during the Salvadoran Civil War.


Tobbe, Sheila Marie (interviewee)


Morris, Chris (interviewer)


Protest Voices



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