In this 2007 interview, 51 year old Chuck Hoven, a life long resident of the west side of Cleveland, and managing editor for the Cleveland Plain Press, talks about the neighborhoods of the west side of Cleveland in which his family (his father was of German descent; his mother of Lebanese) has lived since the 1860s. He also talks about the history of the Cleveland Plain Press, a west side community newspaper, and articles that it published about some controversial events in Cleveland since the 1970s, including the controversy involving I-90 and the Zone Recreation Center and court-ordered busing. Mr. Hoven also discusses his community involvement in a number of different organizations, including one in which he was involved while a student at CSU, which helped to prepare Cleveland children for attendance at magnet schools. Mr. Hoven also talks generally about the decline of Cleveland in general, and the Detroit Shoreway area in particular, over the course of his life. In addition to busing issues, he also talks about the proposed closing of west side Catholic Churches by the Diocese, and other problems associated with the precipitous decline in Cleveland's urban population.


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Hoven, Chuck (interviewee)


Souther, Mark (interviewer)


Detroit Shoreway



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