Nina Gibans relates two stories in this short audio clip. She describes an anonymous person who thinks of the tower as a "sanctuary." The other story is description of the younger demographic of residents who call the tower their home, if only for a short time.


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Gibans, Nina (interviewee)


Shaker Towers



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Nina Gibans [00:00:02] You're ready?

Jim Dubelko [00:00:04] Yep.

Nina Gibans [00:00:04] All right. This is Nina Gibans. And there are a couple of stories that have not been taped, but they have been told to me and they're important to the total picture of who lives at Shaker Towers and why they live here. One is the story of someone who lives here, who considers this her private space, who has not been very involved in the building, but who has been here a long time, chose it because of where it is, and has raised three children here. And used it to be the place that was her private sanctuary. Not very involved with the building matters. The condominium board and so forth. But who knew the building and knows the building well. So people who need space. This person is a high profile person, much like the ones we've described. But this is her place and her private sanctuary. I think that's an important thing to consider when people are looking to move. To come somewhere and understand that a building can also serve that purpose. That's story number one. Ok. Story number two has to do with young people. All through time in the building, we have had young people who move in perhaps even before they are married, marry while they're here, have some children here, and then need more space. Need more for their children. Even though there's a school here. That has occurred. And these people are wonderful blend to the population and there is almost always some body like that. We just had a couple that got married last week. They are here for about five years that they know, whether that is the duration that they honestly stay or not. They can't tell at this moment, but they are young people who want to be here. It's convenient for them. They work at the hospitals, at University Circle, and other places. And this is their home. So those are the two stories. Is that ok? Do you think I...

Jim Dubelko [00:03:15] It's fine.

Nina Gibans [00:03:15] Yeah.

Jim Dubelko [00:03:16] Ok. That's it.

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