Anne J. Cook interview, 21 March 2014


Anne J. Cook, New York City native, took residence in Cleveland Heights beginning in 1951. After moving around Cleveland Heights, she and her husband finally settled in the Oxford School district where she remained for fifty years. An active resident, she was involved with the League of Women voters as their treasurer and she was the first woman trustee of Plymouth Church in Shaker Heights. Due to her husband's job as a geologist, she and her husband created the Mineralogical Society of Cleveland where she is still an active member. In fact, she has such a love for minerals and gems that she travels, yearly, to Tucson, Arizona for the largest mineral show in the world. Her personal collection is so vast that graduate students use it as study material. She concludes the interview by sharing that she will be going to Cincinatti, Ohio to display a sElection of her minerals later on this year.