Alice R. McKinley interview, 18 March 2014


Alice R. McKinley, Maryland-native, describes what it was like moving to Cleveland. She talks about her experiences in the field as a librarian. She remembers moving to Hunting Valley because her husband was the Headmaster of University School. Furthermore, she describes fox hunts and hot air balloon rides that occurred while she was in Hunting Valley. She also discusses the children at the various schools she worked at, and she even makes mention of how they got to school. Finally, she talks about how University School, as they were planning their move to Hunting Valley, was extremely concerned with planning to flow with the natural environment. She provides a brief interlude discussing her travels with her husband after they retired. She then mentions working for Cleveland Public Library with their delivery service. She recalls hand delivering books to infirm children about town. She concludes the interview by talking about her current residence, Judson Park.