Sayyid Sadiq was born in northern Lebanon in the area of Batron where family worked in agriculture. He has three brothers and one sister. He owns a gas station in Berea. His grandfather was a brick layer in Cleveland. He came first to the US (Mississippi) in 1977 because of the Civil War in Lebanon. After graduation from the University of Mississippi with a BS degree, he worked for a while in Chicago in steel. Sayyid went back to Lebanon and then to Saudi Arabia. He came back to US in 1989 to Cleveland where he has relatives in Berea. He met his wife, who used to live Detroit, in Cleveland and got married in 1989. They have two sons that graduated from universities and left Cleveland. He thinks that the story of the Arabs in Cleveland a story of success.


Sadiq, Sayyid (interviewee)


Tayyara, Abedel (interviewer)


Arab Community in Cleveland



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