The Curious Case of Colors



Anna Tararova


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pulp painting, silkscreen

Artist's Statement

There is an urgent need for humanity to reconnect with nature in order to experience a harmonious and peaceful existence. I have been searching for a way to express this idea through my artwork and found it in papermaking. Paper made from plants and recycled materials could be a sustainable solution to many ecological and economical problems the world is facing today. Using fiber that was sourced locally also contributes to my work conceptually by creating a connection between subject and place.

I am working on a series of black and white photographs silkscreened on pulp paintings. By using paper pulp to substitute original color in the photographs, I am painting the emotional and spiritual history of physical places. This project began in Pennsylvania and South East Ohio and expanded to upstate New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland and Russia.

Artist Biography

Anna Tararova was born in Russia and currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She received an MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University. Anna is a printmaker, book artist, and papermaker. She completed artist residencies at Paper Circle, the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago and The Morgan Conservatory, and exhibits her work internationally. Anna has worked as the Art-In-Ed Resident at Women’s Studio Workshop and has taught papermaking, printmaking, and photography classes for children and adults.