Top Achieving Students’ Strategies for Success: Beyond School Work, and Into Video Game Play

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of Global TIME 2012


The learning and study strategies of high-achieving students have been studied in comparison to those of low-achieving students in relation to homework completion and study behavior to help determine successful strategies. This research study shows that academically high-achieving students display some significantly different strategies not only in homework completion, but in entertainment video game play as well, and that these strategies match. 113 students and adults participated in this online study. Results show that academically high-achieving students tend to use more help-seeking strategies not only in homework completion but in video game play as well, suggesting that these strategies for success may carry over into other areas of life besides academics.

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Hamlen, K. (2012). Top achieving students’ strategies for success: Beyond school work, and into video game play. In Proceedings of the Global TIME Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media, & Education 2012 (pp. 159-162). AACE.