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Permeable concrete is a class of materials that has long been tested and implemented to control water pollution. Its application in low-impact development practices has proved its efficiency in mitigating some of the impacts of urbanization on the environment, including urban heat islands, attenuation of flashfloods, and reduction of transportation-related noise. Additionally, several research efforts have been directed at the dissemination of these materials for controlling pollution via their use as permeable reactive barriers, as well as their use in the treatment of waste water and water purification. This work is focused on the potential use of these materials as permeable reactive barriers to remediate ground water and treat acid mine drainage. In this respect, advances in material selection and their proportions in the mix design of conventional and innovative permeable concrete are presented. An overview of the available characterization techniques to evaluate the rheology of the paste, hydraulic, mechanical, durability, and pollutant removal performances of the hardened material are presented and their features are summarized. An overview of permeable reactive barrier technology is provided, recent research on the application of permeable concrete technology is analyzed, and gaps and recommendations for future research directions in this field are identified. The optimization of the mix design of permeable reactive concrete barriers is recommended to be directed in a way that balances the performance measures and the durability of the barrier over its service life. As these materials are proposed to control water pollution, there is a need to ensure that this practice has minimal environmental impacts on the affected environment. This can be achieved by considering the analysis of the alkaline plume attenuation in the downstream environment.




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