Date of Award

Winter 1-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy In Urban Education Degree: Learning And Development


Education And Human Services

First Advisor

Harper, Brian

Second Advisor

Joanne Goodell, Ph.D

Third Advisor

Anne Galletta, Ph.D.


There is ample evidence of a leaky teaching pipeline, from attending high school, college, and teacher preparation programs to teaching in urban schools, which puts forth barriers for the success of the Hispanic population in a systemic way (Epstein, 2005; Irizarry & Donaldson, 2012; Sleeter, 2017; Téllez, 1999). This qualitative study, analyzed through a lens of Latino Critical Race Theory and Latina Feminism, focused on gathering information about urban Midwestern Latina teachers’ journeys through the pipeline and suggestions to clear the path for future Latina teachers based on testimonios obtained in interviews and a focus group. The inclusion of the experiences in the workplace and the collection of data in a Midwestern city adds to the research, which has focused mostly experiences of Hispanics living in the southwest. Ten educators participated in this study. Findings confirmed earlier research, particularly language, financial, and cultural barriers with added feelings of isolation and gender-based restrictions. Changes in K-16 and community building are suggested as ways to clear the path for prospective Latina teachers.

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