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Masnovi, John

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Photopolymerization, Photochemistry, Phosphorus compounds, Acylphosphine oxides, Bisacylphosphine oxides, 31P-NMR, Photoinitiators, Synthesis


Recently, polymerization science has assumed an increasing relevance in many applications, including orthopedic and dental biomaterials. Current technologies are based on the use of photochemically reactive systems, which are suited to absorb light to produce primary radical species capable of initiating polymerization. Acylphosphine oxides and acylphosphonates are known to be very effective photoinitiators for various unsaturated polymeric systems. The high reactivity observed was ascribed to the phosphinyl and phosphinoyl radicals generated. Because of the poor qualities of other initiators, we examined new routes to synthesize acylphosphine oxide initiators to achieve compatibility with aqueous media and improved performance. The preparation and spectroscopic characterization of a series of compounds, including acylphosphine oxides and bisacylphosphine oxides, are fully reported for the first time. These types of initiators have potential application in a variety of biomedical uses, with the promise of low toxicity and innocuous incorporation into organic matrices and tissues

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Chemistry Commons