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Education and Human Services

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Bagaka's, Joshua

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Academic achievement, Multilevel models (Statistics), Education, Mathematics, Achievement goals, Goal endorsement, Student achievement, Mathematics education, HLM


This study investigated relationships among teacher practices, student motivation and student achievement on standardized mathematics assessments using an Achievement Goal Theory framework. From 2006 through 2009, 800 public school students participated in mathematics assessments and completed surveys measuring perceptions of teacher practices and student achievement goal orientations. Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) was used to assess relationships among teacher goal endorsement practices, student goal orientations, and student mathematics achievement. Findings indicated teacher mastery goal endorsement was positively related to student mastery and performance-approach orientations, and negatively related to student performance-avoidance orientation. Performance goal endorsement was positively related to student performance-approach and performance-avoidance orientations. Student mastery goal orientation was positively related to initial mathematics achievement and to rates of improvement over time. Performance-approach and performance-avoidance goal orientations were negatively related to initial mathematics achievement. The study recommends teachers endorse mastery goals to promote student mastery goal orientation and increased mathematics achievement

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