Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Yu, Chansu

Subject Headings

Software radio, Computational complexity, Signal processing, Computational Complexity, Software Radio, Signal Processing Functions, GNU Radio, USRP


The increased usage of mobile communication devices has imposed a challenge of achieving efficient communication with minimum power consumption. Moreover, with the advent of software defined radios (SDR), it is highly possible that signal processing functions would be implemented in software in future mobile devices. Hence, the power consumption of these future devices will be directly related to the power consumed by the processor that executes SDR software. This thesis aims at analyzing the computational complexity of different modulation schemes and signal processing communication functions of IEEE WiFi standard. This analysis provides good insight on how the computational load varies at different data rates for different modulation schemes. For this purpose, we have analyzed computational complexity of various modulation schemes and other communication functions using widely known software radio platform i.e. USRP hardware and GNU Radio open source software platform, Matlab and OProfile (open source Linux profiling tool). After performing an extensive analysis, we are able to determine how different modulation schemes and communication functions perform computationally on a given platform. This analysis would help to achieve effective communication along with the efficient use of power in SDR based systems