Submissions from 2016


Using Grit and Growth Mindset to Foster Resilience and Professionalism in Law Students and Attorneys, Carolyn Broering-Jacobs


Creating Assessment Tools for Students, Adjuncts, and Site Supervisors, Carolyn Broering-Jacobs and Carole O. Heyward


Justice Scalia’s Quest—and Bequest, David Forte and Jonathan Adler

HOW Many Papers Do I Have? Using Time and Task Management Principles to Ensure Grading Fairness, Brian A. Glassman

LGBT Employment Discrimination in the United States post-Obergefell v. Hodges, Matthew W. Green Jr.

Same Sex Sex and Immutable Traits, Matthew W. Green Jr.

Same-Sex Sex and Immutable Traits: Employment Discrimination after Obergefell v. Hodges, Matthew W. Green Jr.

Finding Theodosia: A Genealogical Approach to Legal History, Gender and Slavery, Lolita Buckner Inniss

Beyond Sex: The Inheritance Rights of Children Conceived Using Assisted Reproductive Technology, Browne C. Lewis

Deliberate Departure: Physician Assisted Suicide and Vulnerable Patients, Browne C. Lewis


The ACA’s New Governing Architecture and Innovative State Delivery System Reform Initiatives, Gwendolyn R. Majette

Cultivating Professional Identity Through Personal Connection at the Earliest States of Law School: The Evening Student, Karin Mika

Necessary Distractions: How Technology has Changed the Way our Students Learn, Karin Mika

Slaves in Ireland, Amphibious Pitchers, and Issues with Pubic Education, Karin Mika

What Brain Games Taught me about Teaching, Karin Mika

Ohio Constitutional Revision and the Judiciary: Past, Present, and Future, Steven H. Steinglass

On Genocide: The ICTY Karadžić Conviction, Milena Sterio

Secession: Proposal for a New Legal Framework, Milena Sterio

Self-Determination: The Legal Framework, Milena Sterio

The Case for Resurrecting Humanitarian Intervention, Milena Sterio

The Karadžić Genocide Conviction: Inferences, Knowledge, and Intent, Milena Sterio

Events from 2012


Legislative and Regulatory Update, W. Jonathon Airey, Mike McCormac, and Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

Lessons Learned from BP Spill Applied to Regulation of Extraction from Shale in Ohio, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, Maureen Brennan, and Keith Hall


Navigating Anti-Bribery Legislation: Remaining Compliant and Competitive in the Global Marketplace, Mark J. Sundahl

Submissions from 2005

The United States Supreme Court after Justice O'Connor -- Transition or Transformation?, David F. Forte, James G. Wilson, Joel J. Finer, Jonathan L. Entin, S. Candice Hoke, Stephen R. Lazarus, and Kevin F. O'Neill

Replacing Any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, Any Home with a Shopping Mall?: Citizens' Rights and Government's Rights Following the Supreme Court's Decision in Kelo v. City of New London, David Forte, Alan Weinstein, WM Dennis Keating, Norman Krumholz, and Edward W. Hill

Debate on the Proposed Federal Law to Create a Reporter/Source Privilege, Kevin F. O'Neill, Valerie E. Caproni, Douglas C. Clifton, Bruce W. Sanford, and Geoffrey R. Mearns

Submissions from 2001

Celebrating Iqbal Day, David Forte

Submissions from 1970


Beardsley (Minnesota) High School Commencement Address (May 28, 1970), Arthur R. Landever

Submissions from 1968


"The Limits of Dissent." Presentation delivered September 19, 1968, Arthur R. Landever