About This Journal

The Journal of Law and Health is a traditional yet innovative periodical. Articles are drawn from all disciplines that offer a perspective on the legal aspects of medicine and health sciences. This pan-disciplinary format allows flexibility in both the type and length of articles published.

While retaining a scholarly format, the Journal encourages publication of the innovative idea, the bold statement, and the unique point of view.

The Journal of Law and Health is a student-run publication. Students are selected for membership on the basis of academic achievement and writing skills. Students solicit articles, judge article quality, and select manuscripts for publication. Selected manuscripts are edited by students. Students accept responsibility for the originality, accuracy, and quality of the published articles.

The Journal of Law and Health publishes:

  • Articles from eminent authors in the field
  • Surveys of recent legislative and judicial developments
  • Reviews of significant publications
  • Notes and case comments from Journal staff