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Bill Levy

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circa 1965


Sheppard continually professes his innocence and says that he was eager to testify. He discusses the closing arguments of his trial and why he felt they were insufficient in the end, even though when the trial was complete he was elated and felt that 'they couldn't do anything but acquit' him.

Sheppard states that his lawyer (Corrigan) tried to prepare him for a bad result since the jury was out for three days and describes the moment when Judge Blythin pronounced him 'innocent of first-degree murder but guilty of second-degree murder.' He said he felt numb and couldn't understand how any intelligent jury could convict him.

While he was in prison, Sheppard said that Corrigan visited him, offered pep talks, and said he'd appeal his conviction, promising that they'd 'win.' Sheppard also mentions all of the supportive people in his community.



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Warning: This recording contains strong language.

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