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During Cleveland’s Great Depression grew the first seeds of American Nazism. The city fostered an explicitly Nazi German-American Bund, a covert Silvershirt Legion detachment and prominent diplomatic agents from the Third Reich. Festooned with photos and meticulously documented, this book examines the timeless questions of American allegiance, the responsibilities of democratic governance, the security threats of “Un-American” activities, and the passions, motivations and dreams of American immigrants. In the most unlikely of places, here is a case-study true story of the fascinating, bewildering and terrifying rise of American Nazism.


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Cleveland, Ohio


Cleveland, Nazism, Bund, Silvershirts, Nazi, Fascism, Ohio, Propaganda, Ford, Kapp


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The Nazis of Cleveland was expanded from a manuscript submitted in partial fulfillment of the Master of Arts Degree in History, Cleveland State University, December, 1999.

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The History of the Cleveland Nazis: 1933 - 1945