KYW Radio:  The Cleveland Years


KYW Radio: The Cleveland Years


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Did you ever wonder what happened to the great Top 40 radio stations of the 1950s and 1960s? Those fun lovin’ AM outlets with their fast-talking DJs and upbeat rock and roll music played a foremost role in the commercial radio industry meeting the growing challenges posed by the extraordinary success of television. Today’s radio stations face a similar dilemma with the endless number of digital subscription services available to many listeners. Radio’s marvelous transformation during the post-war years may provide us some practical clues that might be useful in reinvigorate this aging medium. This writing will focus on one of the Midwest’s radio broadcasting legends. A leader in Cleveland, OH from 1956 to 1965, Westinghouse’s KYW-Radio provided exciting programming for nearly everyone. As to how that occurred during very unsettling times is the prime focus on this book.



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MSL Academic Endeavors, Imprint of the Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library


Cleveland, Ohio


A Cleveland Love Song, Bud Wendell’s “Program PM”, DOJ Consent Decree, Federal Communications Commission, KYW Radio Cleveland, Martin & Howard’s “Congo Curt”, Middle-of-the-Road Music Radio, National Broadcasting Company, NBC-Westinghouse Radio Swap of 1956, Philco Corporation, RKO-General Broadcasting Company, Top 40 Rock and Roll Radio, Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, WKYC Radio




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KYW Radio:  The Cleveland Years