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This book recognizes the many business contributions made by the major Cleveland, Ohio-based drugstore chains over the past two hundred years and how their highly resourceful approaches towards marketing and retailing affected the national pharmacy industry over that same period of time.


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Dr. Klein was featured in a article"Cleveland State University professor's book reveals history of the drug store industry." by Patrick Cooley. Posted January 7, 2018.

Modern-day pharmacies offer a wide variety of popular goods and services not readily found in other neighboring retail establishments. They also provide the best in top quality prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies. Cleveland, OH represents a major Great Lakes city where innovative pharmacists have always successfully incorporated the very latest medical and scientific breakthroughs into the continually-expanding local retail setting. This book will concentrate on Cleveland’s major pharmacy chains, and how those extraordinary business entities impacted the national drugstore industry. Originating as small chemistry shops, they quickly evolved into large retail establishments characterized by their welcoming ice cream parlors, well-stocked prescription drug stations and nearly endless supplies of useful household items. This study will focus specifically on that development process.

This writing will also spotlight today’s very profitable pharmacy chains and how many smaller independent stores have successfully survived against growing new competition posed by outsiders who recently entered the local market. Reviewing the success and failures of 19th and 20th century local pharmacists may provide some valuable new insight into what constitutes effective business practices within this lucrative industry, as well as the many economic and financial pitfalls to avoid when engaging in such enterprises. Modern pharmacists that successfully incorporate the business lessons of the past will enjoy decided economic and financial advantages over those who do not study them.

The Legacy of the Pharmacy Industry: Cleveland, Ohio