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Nurses are monitored by state boards of nursing to answer the public demand For safe and competent practitioners. Initial competency is determined by successful completion of the NCLEX examination, and continued competency in most states is assured through continuing education requirements. Thus established, the right to practice nursing may be revoked or restricted if an individual is found to be in violation of the state Nurse Practice Act or convicted of certain state and federal laws. Grounds for disciplinary actions include fraud, criminal act...., substance abuse, mental incompetence, unprofessional actions incompetent acts of care, negligence, and other willful misconduct such as the diversion of narcotics. Revocation of licensure generally occurs for serious offenses that either threaten the health of Consumers or represent a serious breach of law Other disciplinary actions that could be imposed include temporary revocation, restriction of practice, or voluntary surrender of a license. The majority of nurses practice within the boundaries of state practice acts, providing safe and competent care, According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. However, the number of disciplinary actions issued annually to registered nurses (RN’s) has risen 21% in the last 5 years. The causes of increasing numbers of disciplinary actions include the increasing complexity of the work role, starring patterns, managed care constraints, and an increase in the willingness of employers and others to report offenses. These stresses potentially affect all nurses, but only a small percentage is disciplined by the state board of nursing. The demographic characteristics of disciplined health providers in many states, including Ohio, has not been examined to identify at risk groups or individuals. Such information may assist educators, managers, and state boards in raking proactive measures to minimize disciplinary actions.







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