Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Psychometrics Properties of the Arabic Version of the Positive Thinking Skills Scale

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Issues in Mental Health Nursing


Background: Identifying depressive cognitions in first-generation Middle Eastern immigrants (FGMEI) can be an important step to prevent the development of clinical depression. Purpose: This study focused on the cross-cultural equivalence and psychometric testing of the Arabic version of the Positive Thinking Skills Scale (A-PTSS) among 100 FGMEI. Methods: Content/face validity of the measure was conducted. Internal consistency, homogeneity, dimensionality and construct validity were assessed. Results: Cronbach's alpha for (A-PTSS) was .89. Factor extraction generated only one factor, which is consistent with the English version. The A-PTSS total score had a strong positive correlation with the positive cognition scores (r = .42, p < .001), the total resourcefulness scores (r = .39, p < .001), and with the total generalized anxiety scores (r = -.42, p < .001), thereby suggesting construct validity. Conclusion: This scale has the potential to become a useful screening tool for depressive cognitions among FGMEI.