Resourcefulness and stress among hospice and palliative nurses: the role of positive thinking

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International journal of palliative nursing


Among healthcare professionals, hospice and palliative nurses have a high risk of experiencing work stress. However, little attention has been paid to protective factors that could mitigate the impact of daily stressors on hospice and palliative nurses. Aim: This study aimed to determine whether resourcefulness and positive thinking have a negative association with perceived stress among hospice and palliative nurses, and whether positive thinking moderates or mediates the link between resourcefulness and stress among hospice and palliative nurses. Method: A cross-sectional, correlational design was used to address these two aims. Results: A convenience sample of 86 hospice and palliative nurses (95% female) in the US completed an online survey. The results demonstrated that positive thinking and resourcefulness are useful predictors of stress reduction and help mitigate the effects of stress. Positive thinking did not mediate the relationship between resourcefulness and stress. Conclusion: Moderation analysis suggests that social resourcefulness may be especially helpful in reducing stress among hospice and palliative nurses with a low level of positive thinking.