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Dr. Barbara Milliken, Dr. Karen Keptner, Kristy Yurichak, Edie Hardin-Steiner


According to SAMHSA, more than 66% of children report that they have experienced at least one traumatic event by the age of 16. The focus of this capstone project was create a trauma-informed care professional development program to equip K-12 educators in traditional school settings so that they can address trauma in their students appropriately and successfully. This was done through understanding, working with, and implementing the Every Moment Counts mental health promotion initiative with the students at Bridges Learning Center in Akron Public Schools.

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Spring 2023


complex trauma, childhood abuse, adverse childhood experiences, resilience, developmental trauma, Every Moment Counts, PTSD, schools, education, children


Occupational Therapy

Trauma-Informed Care Professional Development for K-12 Educators from an Occupational Therapy Perspective