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Nature Communications


The Pacific North American (PNA) teleconnection has a strong influence on North American climate. Instrumental records and century-scale reconstructions indicate an accelerating tendency towards the positive PNA state since the mid-1850s, but much less is known about long-term PNA variability. Here we reconstruct PNA-like climate variability during the mid- and late Holocene using paired oxygen isotope records from two regions in North America with robust, anticorrelated isotopic response to the modern PNA. We identify mean states of more negative and positive PNA-like climate during the mid- and late Holocene, respectively. Superimposed on the secular change between states is a robust, quasi-200-year oscillation, which we associate with the de Vries solar cycle. These findings suggest the persistence of PNA-like climate variability throughout the mid- and late Holocene, provide evidence for modulation of PNA over multiple timescales and may help researchers de-convolve PNA pattern variation from other factors reflected in palaeorecords.


Article no. 3701

This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant (41171022) and a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellowship and to Z.F.L. Additional support was provided by the MEXT SOUSEI program to K.Y. and US National Science Foundation Grants EF-01241286 to G.J.B. and EAR-0902895 to F.S.Y.




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