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Journal of Biological Chemistry


We have recently demonstrated that amino acid region 323-331 of factor Va heavy chain (9 amino acids, AP4') contains a binding site for factor Xa (Kalafatis, M., and Beck, D. O. (2002) Biochemistry 41, 12715-12728). To ascertain which amino acids within this region are important for the effector and receptor properties of the cofactor with respect to factor Xa, we have synthesized three overlapping peptides (5 amino acids each) spanning the amino acid region 323-331 and tested them for their effect on prothrombinase complex assembly and function. Peptide containing amino acids 323EYFIA327 alone was found to increase the catalytic efficiency of factor Xa but had no effect on the fluorescent anisotropy of active site-labeled factor Xa (human factor Xa labeled in the active site with Oregon Green 488; [OG488]-EGR-hXa). In contrast, peptide containing the sequence 327AAEEV331 was found to interact with [OG488]-EGR-hXa with half-maximal saturation reached at approximately 150 microm, but it was unable to produce a cofactor effect on factor Xa. Peptide 325FIAAE329 inhibited prothrombinase activity and was able to partially decrease the fluorescent anisotropy of [OG488]-EGR-hXa but could not increase the catalytic efficiency of factor Xa with respect to prothrombin. A control peptide with the sequence FFFIA did not increase the catalytic efficiency of factor Xa, whereas a peptide with the sequence AAEMI was impaired in its capability to interact with [OG488]-EGR-hXa. Two mutant recombinant factor Va molecules (Glu323 --> Phe/Tyr324 --> Phe, factor VaFF; Glu330 --> Met/Val331 --> Ile, factor VaMI) showed impaired cofactor activity when used at limiting cofactor concentration, whereas the quadruple mutant (Glu323 --> Phe/Tyr324 --> Phe and Glu330 --> Met/Val331 --> Ile, factor VaFF/MI) had no cofactor activity under similar experimental conditions. Our data demonstrate that amino acid residues Glu323, Tyr324, Glu330, and Val331 of factor Va heavy chain are critical for expression of factor Va cofactor activity.

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