Secure MatDot Codes: A Secure, Distributed Matrix Multiplication Scheme

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Conference Paper

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IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW)


This paper presents secure MatDot codes, a family of evaluation codes that support secure distributed matrix multiplication via a careful selection of evaluation points that exploit the properties of the dual code. We show that the secure MatDot codes provide security against the user by using locally recoverable codes. These new codes complement the recently studied discrete Fourier transform codes for distributed matrix multiplication schemes that also provide security against the user. There are scenarios where the associated costs are the same for both families and instances where the secure MatDot codes offer a lower cost. In addition, the secure MatDot code provides an alternative way to handle the matrix multiplication by identifying the fastest servers in advance. In this way, it can determine a product using fewer servers, specified in advance, than the MatDot codes which achieve the optimal recovery threshold for distributed matrix multiplication schemes.


The work of the first two authors is supported in part by NSF DMS2201075. The Hiram H. Lopez was supported in part by the AMS-Simons Travel Grant. The work of Gretchen L. Matthews was supported in part by NSF DMS-1855136 and in part by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative.

Original Citation

H. H. López, G. L. Matthews and D. Valvo, "Secure MatDot codes: a secure, distributed matrix multiplication scheme," 2022 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW), Mumbai, India, 2022, pp. 149-154, doi: 10.1109/ITW54588.2022.9965839.