Experience in Teaching Quantum Computing with Hands-on Programming Labs

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Journal of Supercomputing


As the field of quantum computing rapidly advances, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals adept in quantum computing and programming. Recognizing this need, in this paper, we share our experiences teaching an introductory-level quantum computing course to students at Cleveland State University (CSU). The course integrates dedicated hands-on programming labs, allowing students to verify their experimental results with corresponding examples from the textbook. These labs cover a diverse range of topics, including fundamental elements such as quantum gates and circuits, quantum key distribution protocols, and quantum algorithms. As educators, our goal is to share teaching insights and resources with fellow instructors in the field. This article elucidates the rationale behind the design of each experiment, providing a deeper understanding of quantum computing.


Our work was supported in part by Dr. Galetto's NSF Grant DMS-2200844, Dr. Lopez's NSF Grants DMS-2201094 and DMS-2401558, and the Cleveland Innovation District grant funded by JobsOhio, a private non-profit corporation.

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Galetto, F., López, H.H., Rahmati, M. et al. Experience in teaching quantum computing with hands-on programming labs. J Supercomput (2024). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11227-024-06001-3