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Please describe your digital work

a.)What was the assignment prompt?

b.)What tools did you use to create your digital project?

a.) The group project requires completion of several related tasks, including collection of data from an urban greenspace, integration of that data with additional information from other sources (e.g., academic journals, government agencies, conservation non-profits), and creation of an end-product, such as a proposal to fund greenspace restoration, or a presentation or journalistic report on the status and potential futures of the ‘forest’ in a greenspace.

b.) Excel, RStudio, ArcMap, QGIS, QField, i-Tree Eco, Google Docs
c.) We collected and utilized tree health data from Erie Street Cemetery and Cleveland State University to create a health analysis of urban trees in downtown Cleveland. Our final products included two GIS posters and a summary of our study that included recommendations based on our findings.

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This is a product of Dr. Mueller's Ecology and Management of Trees in Cities. Consistent data collection is very important and our campus data focused on only a sample of the total tree population. This was a fun experience and an incredibly interesting class.


BIO 594/3 in the BGES Department

Professor for the Class

Dr. Kevin E. Mueller