Submissions from 2019


Social media analytics: Extracting and visualizing Hilton hotel ratings and reviews from TripAdvisor, Yung-Chun Chang, Chih-Hao Ku, and Chun-Hung Chen

The Use of Crowdsourcing and Social Media in Accounting Research, Chih-Hao Ku and Miryam Firoozi

Submissions from 2017

From Multimedia Micro-University to Macro University and beyond, Timothy Arndt and Angela Guercio

Application of Granular Computing Paradigm in Knowledge Induction, Iftikhar Sikder

The Role of Social Capital in Selecting Interpersonal Information Sources, J Christopher Zimmer and Raymond M. Henry

Submissions from 2016


A Formalism For PLAN – A Big Data Personal Learning Assistant For University Students, Timothy Arndt and Angela Guercio


The Impact Of Residual Risk And Resultant Problems On Information Systems Development Project Performance, Russel L. Purvis, Raymond M. Henry, Stefan Tams, Varun Grover, John D. McGregor, and Steve Davis

Submissions from 2015


Social Network Analysis Tools for Career Advancement, Timothy Arndt

Effect of Control on Information Systems Development Performance: A Meta-Analysis, Raymond M. Henry, Ravi Narayanswamy, and Russel L. Purvis


Research Framework, Strategies, And Applications Of Intelligent Agent Technologies (IATs) In Marketing, V. Kumar, Ashutosh Dixit, Rajshekar G. Javalgi, and Mayukh Dass

Submissions from 2012


The Impact of Analyst-Induced Misinformation on the Requirements Elicitation Process, Radha Appan and Glenn J. Browne


An Implementation of a Dynamic Partitioning Scheme for Web Pages, Timothy Arndt, Ben Blake, Brian Krupp, and Janche Sang

Submissions from 2011


Assessing Differences Between Physician's Realized And Anticipated Gains From Electronic Health Record Adoption, Lori T. Peterson, Eric W. Ford, John Eberhardt, and T. R. Huerta

Submissions from 2008

Pencils Down! Phones Up! An Interdisciplinary Capstone Project., Victor Matos, Rebecca Grasser, and Ben Blake

Determinants of the Use of Relational and Nonrelational Information Sources, J. Christopher Zimmer, Raymond M. Henry, and Brian S. Butler

Submissions from 2007

Fix IT-Business Relationships Through Better Decision Rights, Varun Grover, Raymond M. Henry, and Jason B. Thatcher

Exploiting Organizational Knowledge In Developing IS Project Cost and Schedule Estimates: An Empirical Study, Raymond M. Henry, Gordon E. McCracy, Russell L. Purvis, and Tom L. Roberts


Antecedents to Relational and Nonrelational Source Use: An Exploratory Investigation, J. Christopher Zimmer and Raymond M. Henry