BA in History; Curator for Summit County Historical Society; MA in American History. Great appreciation for local history. Challenged to make it relevant. Canal made it easy as economic engine driving Ohio, thanks to Regula, Seiberling. Dan got involved as a volunteer, then Chaired education committee, became VP; hired on. From '94 to present, staff of 5; cash assets grow exponentially. Preservation of Howe House. Development partnerships; building network. Tony Troppe's use of canal as marketing tool. Seiberling, Regula, Wm O. Douglas: Great Allegheny Passage to DC. Allan Simpson's work. Sustainability through education, participation of kids to pass on stewardship. Leadership is req'd to make it meaningful. Conservation is part of the package. Build sustainable communities. "It's better to be effective than right." i.e., compromise to get job done. Change attitudes through political process and media. Rice is humbled by the level of public and commercial expectation. Everyone has to invest in partnership. Shame is a powerful tool. Need more Fed'l funding from Transportation Bill to complete trails. Must conduct Needs Study. Considering camping and mountain biking needs. Six Questions.


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Rice, Dan (interviewee)


Johanssen, Andreas (interviewer)


Rivers Roads and Rails 2008



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