La Sagrada Familia Church is located on Detroit Road in Cleveland, Ohio. This church is the result of the merging of the communities of San Juan Bautista Church (St. John the Baptist) and Capilla Cristo Rey (Christ King Chapel). Bishop Anthony Pilla chose the name, La Sagrada Familia, as a representation of the unity of both parishes. The name also represents the unity of the diverse Hispanic ethnicity that were present in both parishes. In this interview, Deacon Rev. Mr. Frederick Simon details the history of the Hispanic community's attempt to join a few different parishes starting in 1966 at St. Patrick's Church on Bridge Avenue and also Blessed Sacrament and St. Procop. Construction of La Sagrada Familia Church was completed in 1988. The later part of the interview details the services provided by the church and the diversity of the Hispanic population within this parish.


Simon, Frederick (interviewee); Simon, Millie (interviewee)


Valore, Kenneth (interviewer)


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Oral History


57 minutes

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