Architect Jack A. Bialosky gives an architecturally focused account of living in Cleveland. He begins by describing his early days as a child in Cleveland Heights. He then discusses his education, which was made possible by the Navy, but had twists and turns all the same. Once he graduated, with a degree in architecture, he describes his first major job: Suburban Temple in Beachwood. After talking about Suburban Temple, Bialosky recounts the trials and tribulations, sometimes literally, that surrounded his design of the Bond Court Hotel in Downtown Cleveland. One such problem was a fire that occurred on the 19th floor during construction on Valentine's Day 1954. He laments the removal of Millionaire's Row, and blames it on greed. Bialosky concludes with a revisitation to the discussion he began with, remembering his childhood home. A place that he loved, but looking back realizes that it may not have been so great, architecturally, after all.


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Bialosky, Jack A. (interviewee)


Schnoke, Molly (interviewer)


Judson Manor



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