Linwood Smith, a member of the Carl Stokes Mayoral Administration, recalls his time working for the city in the 1960s. He describes the riots in Hough and Glenville. He describes the Model Cities program and how people were incredulous that "free" money was coming to them through a $4,000 grant. They always thought there were strings attached. Smith then goes into the problems that Carl Stokes had to deal with, and he lists the police force as first and foremost. Smith discusses the chain of command and who he had to answer to, but he does recall one story about the Women's Job Corps when Smith talked directly to Stokes. It was not always business, Smith recalls his personal relationship with the Stokes brothers, and how they remained friends after they were out of office. Smith concludes by talking about the relationship that Louis and Carl Stokes had with each other and their personalities.


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Smith, Linwood (interviewee)


Houser, Joseph (Interviewer)


St. Clair - Superior Neighborhood



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