Director of University Circle Incorporated, Chris Ronayne discusses the City of Cleveland, urban planning, and his own life's path. He begins by talking about how he got into urban planning on the recommendation of a professor during his undergraduate years. He went to Cleveland State University (CSU) where he met a professor, mentor, and lifelong friend Norm Krumholz. Through his work with Krumholz and the Levin College, Ronayne was able to get jobs as the Cuyahoga County Planner and as a City of Cleveland Planner before he took on the directorship of University Circle Incorporated (UCI). Here, he mentions several projects that he worked on and how valuable he thinks the anchor institutions of medical campuses and universities are to a city like Cleveland. Finally, he talks about his time as the director of UCI, and he gives a brief history of UCI and the University Circle neighborhood.


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Ronayne, Chris (interviewee)


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CSU at 50



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