This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Comemmoration effort. Ed Ferenc is a lifelong Clevelander. Born on the citys east side, Ferenc moved Seven Hills where he attended Shiloh Jr. High and Normandy HS. Ferenc initially enrolled at CSU as an electrical engineering student but soon after switched his major to communications. He was part of the campus radio station WCSU and began working at WMMS while still a student at Cleveland State. At WMMS Ferenc would ultimately team up with co-host Jeff Kinzbach as part of the wildly popular "Jeff and Flash Morning Show." In this interview Ferenc relates many of the experiences he had as part of the radio station at CSU and traces how his career developed at WMMS. He describes how his friendship with Kinzbach developed and talks about the show in depth. Among other things he discusses different segments from the show, The World Series of Rock, the relationship between WMMS and the Agora, grassroots efforts to bring the Rock Hall to Cleveland, and the current state of radio today. Of particular interest is Ferenc's description of how the foundation of WMMS was largely CSU with alums like Kid Leo, Matt The Cat, Betty Korvan, Larry Bole, and himself working at the station during its early years.


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CSU at 50



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