Samuel H. Miller is the longtime executive of Cleveland-based Fortune 500 Company, Forest City Enterprises. A native Clevelander, Miller grew up on the city's east side where he attended Glenville High School and later Adelbert College. As a member of Forest City Miller spearheaded the company's move into real estate development and was responsible for much of the suburban development in the Greater Cleveland Area. Miller's community involvement and philanthropic endeavors are prolific, having served on numerous boards of trustees including Cleveland State and donating millions to regional organizations, most notably The Cleveland Clinic. Of note in this interview is Miller's description of his early life in Depression-era Cleveland and his rise within Forest City Enterprises. In the interview Miller also mentions several notable figures including James Rhodes, James Nance, Louis Stokes, and details the circumstances surrounding the selection of Michael Schwartz as President of Cleveland State University.


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Miller, Samuel H. (interviewee)


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