Submissions from 1990

The S&L Bailout: Some States Gain, Many More Lose, Edward W. Hill

Education as an Economic Development Resource, Edward W. Hill and Heidi Marie Rock

Evaluating Parental Choice in Public Education: Beyond the Monopoly Model, Spicer Michael and Edward W. Hill

Citizen Preferences for Local Growth in a Rapidly Growing Economy, Roland Anglin

Abandonment of Cleveland's Housing Stock and Potential for Redevelopment of Vacant Land, Thomas Bier

Buyers of Cleveland Homes, 1989, Thomas Bier

Condominiums in Cuyahoga County, Thomas Bier

Sellers of Cleveland Homes, 1989, Thomas Bier

Single-Family Home Sales and Appreciation: Cuyahoga County, 1980 - 1989, Thomas Bier

Suburbanization of Ohio Metropolitan Areas, 1980-2000, Thomas Bier

Financing Economic Development: An Institutional Response, Richard D. Bingham, Edward W. Hill, and Sammis B. White

Subjective Judgments and Data Envelopment Analysis in Site Selection, William M. Bowen

Regional Analysis and Planning for Educational Program Design, William M. Bowen, Kingsley E. Haynes, and Roger R. Stough

Cleveland, Ohio: Manufacturing Matters; Services Are Strengthened, But Earnings Erode, Edward W. Hill

Current Antitrust Policy: A Liability in Today's Deregulated Banking Industry, Edward W. Hill

Increasing Minority Representation in the Planning Professorate, Edward W. Hill

The Savings and Loan Bailout, Edward W. Hill

An Overview of Economic Development Finance, Edward W. Hill and Nell Ann Shelley

Identifying the Steel Industrial Complex in Northeast Ohio, Edward W. Hill and Nell Ann Shelley

Identifying the Steel Industrial Complex in Northeast Ohio, Edward W. Hill and Nell Ann Shelley

A Contractarian Approach to Public Administration , Michael W. Spicer

On the Desirability of Tax Evasion: Conventional Versus Constitutional Economic Perspectives , Michael W. Spicer

Latent Policy and the Federal Communications Commission.Telecommunications, Values and the Public Interest, Michael W. Spicer and S. B. Lundstedt

Sex selection technology: A prediction of its use and effect, Roberta M. Steinbacher and F. Gilroy,

Submissions from 1975

New Approaches to the Problem of Tax Evasion , Michael W. Spicer

Submissions from 1974


Murder and Death Penalty, William C. Bailey


Crime and Deterrence: Correlation Analysis, William C. Bailey, J. David Martin, and Louis N. Gray