Submissions from 2000

Downtown Cleveland Residents Survey, Thomas Bier

State of Ohio¹s Regions: Land Use and Real Estate Development, Thomas Bier


The Cleveland Charrette on Sustainable Urban Environments: Elevating the Stature of Urban Redevelopment, Thomas Bier and Ziona Austrian


A Preliminary Assessment of the New Home Seller Capital Gains Law, Thomas Bier, Ivan Maric, and Winifred Weizer

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Nothing Left to Lose: Radical Policy Changes are Required to Uncover the Competitive Advantages of America's Distressed Cities, Edward W. Hill and Jeremy Nowak

Cleveland: Four Perspectives on America's "Comeback City": A Proceeding of the Crisis Cities Symposium, Edward W. Hill, Chris Warren, Richard Shatten, and Norman Krumholz

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Justices of the Peace in Stuart England and American Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

On Happiness, Cultural Conflict, and Trust, Michael W. Spicer

An Impossible Job: Report on the Building Bridges Tour, Camilla M. Stivers

Submissions from 1999


Review of Comparative Perspectives on Social Movements: Political Opportunities. Mobilizing Structure, and Cultural Framings (Book), Robert Kleidman

Reinventing Federal Government and the Constitution: An Essay on Conflicting Visions of the State, Michael W. Spicer


The Regional economic impact of Cleveland's Maritime Operation: An Update, Ziona Austrian, Charles Post, and Adina Swirski Wolf

Where are the Jobs? Cities, Suburbs, and the Competition for Employment, John Brennan and Edward W. Hill


The Impact of Neighborhoods, Schools, and Malls on the Spatial Distribution of Property Damage, Teresa C. Lagrange

Reducing the Governance Deficit in America's Cities, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs

What Do You Do When Your City is Looking at a Million-Dollar Deficit in the Current Fiscal Year?, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs


Review of To Heal the Earth: Selected Writings of Ian L. Mcharg, Wendy A. Kellogg

The Effects of Pipeline Ruptures on Non-Contaminated Residential Easement Holding Property in Fairfax County, Robert A. Simons

Liquidity and Delayed Transactions with Leaking Underground Storage Tanks: Some Evidence from Cleveland, Ohio, Robert A. Simons and Arthur Sementelli


The Ohio Thomas Edison Program: An Economic Impact Study, Ziona Austrian and Adina Swirski Wolf


A Laughing Matter? The Uses of Humor in Medical Interactions, Linda E. Francis, Kathleen Monahan, and Candyce S. Berger

Deed Restrictions and Other Institutional Controls as Tools to Encourage Brownfield Redevelopment, Robert A. Simons and Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

Developing the Governance Capacity of Local Elected Officials, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs and Melissa Miller

The Price and Liquidity Effects of UST leaks from Gas Stations on Residential and Commercial Property Values, Robert A. Simons, William M. Bowen, and Arthur Sementelli


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Low Self-Control and Opportunity: Testing the General Theory of Crime as an Explanation for Gender Differences in Delinquency, Teresa C. Lagrange and Robert A. Silverman

A new ethics of the budgetary process, Jennifer K. Alexander

The Impact of Devolution on Nonprofits, Jennifer K. Alexander

Implications of Welfare Reform: Do Nonprofit Survival Strategies Threaten Civil Society?, Jennifer K. Alexander, Camilla M. Stivers, and Renée Nank

Integrating Pollution Prevention with Community-Based Economic Development, Ziona Austrian


Review of Changing Places: Rebuilding Community in the Age of Sprawl, Virginia O. Benson

Rebuilding Cleveland: A Regional Undertaking, Thomas Bier

Comments on "Every Breath You Take: Environmental Justice in Southern California", William M. Bowen

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Measuring Metropolitan Manufacturing Competitiveness, John Brennan and Edward W. Hill

Conservation Development Resource Manual, Kirby Date


Review of Creating Inclusive Adult Learning Environments: Insights from Multicultural Education and Feminist Pedagogy., Catherine A. Hansman

Comeback Cleveland by the Numbers: The Economy, Employment and Education, Edward W. Hill

Regional Economic Governance Series (five articles in a weekly series), Daila Shimek, Kevin O'Brien, and Susan Petrone

Insurance Redlining: Disinvestment, Reinvestment and the Evolving Role of Financial Institutions, Robert A. Simons

The Effects of Pipeline Ruptures on Rural Residential Property with groundwater Contamination and a Negotiated Settlement Package, Robert A. Simons

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Redeveloping Brownfields: A Step-by-Step Project Decision-making Guide for Environmental, Development, and Planning Practitioners, Kirstin Toth and Robert A. Simons


Using Email and the World Wide Web to Teach and Improve a New Technology-Based College Course, Lih-Ching Chen Wang and William A. Beasley


Zoning Restrictions on Location of Adult Businesses, Alan C. Weinstein

Submissions from 1998


Survival Strategies for Nonprofit Social Service Organizations, Jennifer Alexander


An Assessment of the Ohio Thomas Edison Program, Dean M. Prestegaard, Adina Swirski Wolf, Donald T. Iannone, and Ziona Austrian


Deterrence, Brutalization, and the Death Penalty: Another Examination of Oklahoma's Return to Capital Punishment, William C. Bailey


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The Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit Program: An economic impact Analysis, Ziona Austrian and Adina Swirski Wolf


The Ohio Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Investment Tax Credit: An Economic Impact Analysis, Ziona Austrian and Adina Swirski Wolf


Adopting an Ecosystem Approach: Local Variability in Remedial Action Planning, Wendy A. Kellogg

Brass Mill Mall: Bringing New life to a Brownfield Site in Waterbury, Connecticut, Robert A. Simons and Michael Leccese


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World-Class Productivity, Edward W. Hill

Public Administration, Social Science, and Political Association, Michael W. Spicer


The Insurance Cluster in the Northeast Ohio Region: A Briefing Paper, Ziona Austrian

Development Trends in Medina County, Ohio, Thomas Bier

Price Appreciation of Older Homes, Thomas Bier

The Changing Value of Real Estate in the Cleveland Area, Thomas Bier

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The Air Services Hierarchy in North America: A Regional Perspective on Air Services and Economic Development, Edward W. Hill

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How Many Brownfield Sites are There?, Robert A. Simons

Government Regulation of Contaminated Land: A Tale of Three Cities, Robert A. Simons, Nelson Chan, and Rodney Jefferies


The Value Impact of Neighborhood Transition on Residential Sales Price, Robert A. Simons, Ivan Maric, and Roberto Querica

Cameralist thought and Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

David Hume and Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

Frederick the Great on Government and Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

Public Administration under Enlightened Despotism in Prussia: An Examination of Frederick the Great's Administrative Practice, Michael W. Spicer

The Science of Administration, The Founders, and Theories of Political Association, Michael W. Spicer

Advancing Excellence in Public Management Through CPM Programs, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs and Melissa Miller


The Community Development Industry System: A Case Study of Politics and Institutions in Cleveland, Jordan S. Yin

The community option in urban policy, Jordan S. Yin, J. Pitt, and P Clavel

Submissions from 1997


The Future of Northeast Ohio's Airports: Framing the Coming Debate, Edward W. Hill