Frank Fiorilli and Richard Gallitto trace the story of the Little Italy community and Holy Rosary Church. The church represents one of three major community and neighborhood institutions that shaped the community and provided the culture and community that marked the Italian neighborhood during the first three quarters of the twentieth century. Murray Hill School and the Alta House (founded by John D. Rockefeller) provided the education and social resources for immigrant workers and families. Holy Rosary parish was the center of spiritual life for the small community bounded by Case Western Reserve University and the suburban 'heights'. By the later quarter of the century, population shifts and issues with the university and with school busing programs found the community changing residents, but maintaining its cultural reputation. Holy Rosary remains vibrant and active with its past parishioners, the university, and current residents.


Fiorilli, Frank (interviewee); Gallitto, Richard (interviewee)


Lanese, James (interviewer); Valore, Kenneth (interviewer)


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Oral History


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