Submissions from 2013

Redefining beauty: negotiating consumption and conservation of natural environments, C. Lawry, Sanda Kaufman, and A. Bhappu

Beyond “Negotiation 2.0”: Teaching negotiation in the multi-stakeholder, multi-level, and multi-processes world of public policy, M. Matsuura, B. Fuller, Sanda Kaufman, D. Kim, and K. Baba

Preserving Mobile Home Communities Through Shared-Equity Ownership Mechanisms, T Milstead, J. Post, and J. Rosie Tighe


Central Georgia Regional Analysis: Demographics, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Merissa Piazza, Joe Andre, Elorm M. Tsegah, Eunkyu Lee, and Ziona Austrian

Diversity versus Tolerance: The Social Drivers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in US Cities, Haifeng Qian

An Absorptive Capacity Theory of Knowledge Spillover Entrepreneurship, Haifeng Qian and Z. Acs

Regional Systems of Entrepreneurship: The Nexus of Human Capital, Knowledge and New Firm Formation, Haifeng Qian, Z. Acs, and R. R. Stough

Diversity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in China, Haifeng Qian, Roger R. Stough, and J. Yuan

A Review of Hydro 'Fracking" and its Potential Effects on Real Estate, Ron Throupe, Robert A. Simons, and Xue Mao

Responding to the Foreclosure Crisis in Appalachia: A Policy Review and Survey of Housing Counselors, J. Rosie Tighe

Strategic Planning, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs and John A. Yankey

From Grout to Grip: Intentionality and the Freedom to Gain a Feel for the Work, Nicholas C. Zingale

Energy and the Environment: Knowledge for Change in a Quasi-Governmental, Quasi-Business Setting, Nicholas C. Zingale and Deborah Riemann

Submissions from 2012

Toward the Civil City Council, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs


Investments in Scientific Research: Examining the Funding Threshold Effects on Scientific Collaboration and Variation by Academic Discipline, Benjamin Y. Clark and Jared Llorens


A case study from the post-new deal state agricultural experiment station system: a life of mixed signals in southern Illinois, Joanna Ganning, Courtney Flint, and Stephen Gasteyer

NASA and the Phenomenology of Discovery: Vigilance, Work Conditions, and a Renewed Space Policy, Nicholas C. Zingale and Ralph P. Hummel


Manufacturing Brief 2012, Candi Clouse

Book Review: The American Mortgage System: Crisis and Reform, J. Rosie Tighe


The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Creating Public Value, Stuart Mendel


The State of Ohio's Steel Industry, Edward W. Hill, Iryna Lendel, and Fran Stewart


Analysis of Median Household Income Differences between Election Day-VBM and EIP Voters, Mark Salling and Norman Robbins


The Ohio Supreme Court’s Perverse Stance on Development Impact Fees and What To Do About It, Alan Weinstein


Needs Assessment and Service Strategy, Daila Shimek and Claudette Robey


The Cleveland Health Tech Corridor: An Analysis of Economic Trends, 2000-2011, Matthew Hrubey, Ziona Austrian, and Joe Andre


Research in Brief: Homicide Solvability, John Jarvis and Wendy C. Regoeczi

The City Designs (Urban Design), Stephanie R. Ryberg-Webster


Southington Township Comprehensive Plan: Visions 2060, Southington Township Comprehensive Planning Committee, Kirby Date, and Melissa Schneider


2011 Economic Impact of Jumpstart Inc. Portfolio and Client Companies, Ziona Austrian and Candice Clouse


The Ohio Bioscience Sector, 2000-2010, Matthew Hrubey, Candice Clouse, and Ziona Austrian


The NASA Glenn Research Center: An Economic Impact Study Fiscal Year 2011, Iryna Lendel and Sunjoo Park

Putting the NP in PPP: The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Public Private Partnerships, Stuart Mendel and Jeffrey L . Brudney


Infiltrating the Walled Garden, William A. Beasley


John Carroll University Economic Impact, Ziona Austrian, Candice Clouse, Merissa Piazza, Tyler Thompson, and Matthew Hrubey


Does culture matter? The effects of acculturation on workplace relationships, Guowei Jian


Gender, Social Bond, and Academic Cheating in Japan, Emiko Kobayashi and Miyuki Fukushima


Minority Participation in Technology Based Growth Industries in Northeast Ohio, Merissa Piazza, Elorm Tsegah, Ziona Austrian, and Ellen Cyran


Detroit Regional Analysis: Demographics, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Merissa Piazza, Joan Chase, Chang-Shik Song, Elorm Tsegah, and Ziona Austrian


Effect of Music Instruction on Preschoolers’ Music Achievement and Emergent Literacy Achievement, Maria Runfola, Elisabeth Etopio, Karla R. Hamlen, and Mary Rozendal


Analysis and Economic Impact of the Film Industry in Northeast Ohio & Ohio, Candice Clouse


Introducing the Ohio New Establishment Dynamics Data, Joel A. Elvery and Ellen Cyran

Linking Local Perceptions to the Biophysical and Amenity Contexts of Forest Disturbance in Colorado, Courtney Flint, Hua Qin, and Joanna Ganning


Executive Summary- Re-Thinking the Future of Cleveland's Neighborhood Developers, Norman Krumholz and Kathryn Hexter


Full Report- Re-Thinking the Future of Cleveland's Neighborhood Developers: Interim Report, Norman Krumholz and Kathryn Hexter


Fiscal Review of the Cleveland Public Library & Scan of State and National Trends in Library Funding, Claudette Robey and Kevin O'Brien


An Analysis of the Economic Potential for Shale Formations in Ohio, Andrew R. Thomas, Iryna Lendel, Edward W. Hill, Douglas Southgate, and Robert Chase


Revisiting the association of LMX quality with percieved role stressors: Evidence for inverted-U relationships among immigrant Europeans, Guowei Jian

Growing Leaders to Enhance Civil Society: Assessing the Contributions of Leadership Newark, Roland Anglin

The Social and Demographic Dimensions of Sex-Selection Technology: An Analytical Review, William M. Bowen, Sunjoo Park, and Roberta Steinbacher

The Academic Development of Black Foreign-born Students in Miami-Dade County Schools, Dylan Conger and Megan Hatch


How Long Does it Take Students to Reach Minimum English Proficiency? Implications for NCLB Reauthorization, Dylan Conger, Megan Hatch, Jessica McKinney, Meghan Salas Atwell, and Anne Lamb

Linking Land Use and Ohio's Waters: Best Local Land Use Practices, Ohio Balanced Growth Program, Kirby Date


Academic Dishonesty and Video Game Play: Is New Media Use Changing Conceptions of Cheating?, Karla R. Hamlen


Stochastic Frontier Estimation of Efficient Learning in Video Games, Karla R. Hamlen


Top Achieving Students’ Strategies for Success: Beyond School Work, and Into Video Game Play, Karla R. Hamlen


Responding to Foreclosures in Cuyahoga County 2011 Evaluation Report, Kathryn W. Hexter and Molly Schnoke


Forces Affecting City Population Growth or Decline: The Effects of Interregional and Inter-municipal Competition, Edward W. Hill, Harold L. Wolman, Katherine Kowalczyk, and Travis St. Clair

Identifying Areas of Primary Care Shortage in Urban Ohio, Liao Hsin-Chung and William M. Bowen

Evaluation of Advancing Central's Health Together: Community Based Participatory Research for the Center for Health Equity, Mittie Davis Jones

Evaluation of EXPORT (Excellence in Partnerships for Community Outreach and Research on Disparities in Health and Training) project for the Center for Health Equity, Mittie Davis Jones

Reducing Pregnancy among At-Rosk Teenaged Girls, Mittie Davis Jones

Valleyview Hope VI Evaluation, Mittie Davis Jones

Here Comes the Neighborhood: A Cleveland Success Story, an article on the Gordon Square Arts District, PLANNING Magazine (Vol. 78, No. 3), Norman Krumholz and Joy Roller

Redefining beauty, C. Lawry, Sanda Kaufman, and A. Bhappu

Metropolitan Growth Patterns and Community Disparities: Insights from the State of New Jersey, Sugie Lee

Metropolitan Growth Patterns and Inner-Ring Suburban Decline: Longitudinal Analysis (1980-2009) for the 100 Large U.S. Metropolitan Areas, Sugie Lee

Re-Imagining Cleveland - organizational and informational, Helen Liggett

Sequence of Images, Helen Liggett

The Garden, Helen Liggett

The Worship Experience, Helen Liggett

Tilling the Soil as an Exemplary Urban Practice, Helen Liggett

Anti-Defamation League Strategic Plan 2008-2011, Stuart Mendel

Book Review: The Politics of Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Nonprofit-Business Partnerships, Stuart Mendel

Presentation: Y.O.U Measureable Outcomes Presentation to the Community, Stuart Mendel

Safe Haven Community Value Report, Stuart Mendel

Welcome House Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012, Stuart Mendel

Cleveland State University Population Protection Project, Nancy Meyer-Emerick

Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Designing a Green Economic Future Using the Appreciative Inquiry Summit Process, Nancy Meyer-Emerick

Cleveland Housing Market Analysis and Update, Brian A. Mikelbank

Financial Condition of Bedford, Ohio 2003 – 2010, City of Bedford, Kevin O'Brien

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority: Redline Naming Rights & Sponsorship Feasibility Study, The Superlative Group, Kevin O'Brien

Metra Rock Island District Commuter Rail Line: Naming Rights & Sponsorship Feasibility Study, The Superlative Group, Kevin O'Brien

Review of the Financial Condition of the Cleveland Public Library: Board/Administration Presentation, Cleveland Public Library, Kevin O'Brien

Review of the Financial Condition of the Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland Public Library, Kevin O'Brien

Scan of the Financial Condition of Bay Village Ohio, 2002 – 2010, City of Bay Village, Kevin O'Brien

Scan of the Financial Condition of the Village of Bratenahl, Ohio: 2002 – 2010, Bratenahl Community Organization, Kevin O'Brien

Financing America’s Infrastructure Needs: Useful Life Financing, Time to Reconsider a Smart Idea, Underground Infrastructure Management, Kevin O'Brien, William Jarocki, and Kristina Gillespie


Akron Regional Analysis: Demographics, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Merissa Piazza, Joan Chase, Chang-Shik Song, Elorm Tsegah, and Ziona Austrian

Employment Growth from Public Support of Innovation in Small Firms, Haifeng Qian

The Location of US Business Support Programs: Does the Knowledge Context Matter?, Haifeng Qian, Kingsley E. Haynes, and S. Turner

China's Development Disconnect, Haifeng Qian, Florida R, and C. Mellander

Megacities, Regions, and Creativity: The Geography of Talent in China, Haifeng Qian and Roger R. Stough


Racial and Ethnic Proportions of Early In-Person Voters in Cuyahoga County, General Election 2008, and Implications for 2012, Norman Robbins and Mark Salling


Northeast Ohio Storm Water Training Consortium Strategic Plan: 2012-2014, Claudette Robey


Fiscal Review of the Cleveland Public Library and Scan of State and National Trends in Library Funding, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Kyle Julien, and Scott Winograd


Demographic and Socioeconomic Conditions and a Patron Borrowing Analysis of Cleveland Public Library Branch and Main Libraries, Mark Salling


Review of the Operations of Bay Village, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Kyle Julien, Scott Winograd, Claudette Robey, James Wyles, and Kevin E. O'Brien


The Next Steps Toward Consolidating Public Safety Dispatch Centers: Parma, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Scott Winograd, Kimberly Renee Vining, Eugene Kramer, Thomas Cozzens, Claudette Robey, Kevin E. O'Brien, and Andrew Batson


Community/ tribal economic development and land rights in Africa: A survey, Robert A. Simons


Professional Real Estate Activities and Academic Journal Importance among African Scholars: A Snapshot of the 2008 African Real Estate Society Meeting, Robert A. Simons and Aly Karam