Submissions from 2005

Census 2000 Profiles: Empowerment Zones, Sharon Bliss

Census 2000 Profiles: Ohio, Sharon Bliss

Census 2000 Profiles: Ohio Congressional Districts, Sharon Bliss

Census 2000 Profiles: Ohio House Districts, Sharon Bliss

Census 2000 Profiles: Ohio Senate Districts, Sharon Bliss

Census 2000 Profiles: School Districts, Sharon Bliss

Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, Beth El Congregation, and Temple Oheb Shalom, Stephanie R. Ryberg-Webster, Isabelle Gournay, Mary Corbin Sies, and Jen Feldman

Cleveland to Create an Industrial Land Bank, Kirstin Toth

Determining Market Perceptions On Contaminated Residential Property Buyers Using Contingent Valuation Surveys, Robert A. Simons and Kimberly Winson Geideman

Determinism, Social Science, and Public Administration: Lessons from Isaiah Berlin, Michael W. Spicer

Did 9/11 change Manhattan and the New York Region as Places to Conduct Business?, Edward W. Hill and Iryna Lendel


Economic and Fiscal Aspects of Coastal and Watershed Stewardship Practices, Wendy A. Kellogg and Erica Matheny

Estimating the Value of a FirstEnergy Investment: Habitat for Humanity, Center for Public Management and Team NEO

Greenbelt Center Elementary School, Stephanie R. Ryberg-Webster, Isabelle Gournay, and Mary Corbin Sies

Highfield House, Stephanie R. Ryberg-Webster, Isabelle Gournay, and Mary Corbin Sies


Homeowners Associations, Alan C. Weinstein

Infrastructure and Economic Growth: Federal Policy Issues for Water, Sewer, and Transportation Infrastructure in Older Core Cities, Great Lakes Environmental Finance Center

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission: Department of Parks & Recreation Regional Headquarters, Isabelle Gournay, Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, and Mary Corbin

Mediating Organizations, Private Government, and Civil Society: Disinvestment Through the Preservation of Wealth in Cleveland, Ohio (1950-1990), Stuart Mendel


Northeast Ohio Employment and Wage Trends: Economic Brief, Winter 2005, Ziona Austrian Ph.D.

Public Administration Enquiry and Social Science in the Postmodern Condition, Michael W. Spicer

Reaching New Heights in Redevelopment, Brownfields 2005 National Conference, Great Lakes Enviornmental Finance Center


Responding to the Adult Industry's Claims About "No Secondary Effects", Alan C. Weinstein


Social Indicators in Cleveland's Ward 17, Mark Salling, Sharon Bliss, and Joseph Ahern


Strategy for the Implementation of an Industrial Land Bank, Kevin O'Brien, Kirstin S. Toth, Matthew Sattler, Michael McGoun, and Jacob Duritsky


Team Process Review of the Accelerated Urban Initiative: Toledo Public Schools, Kevin O'Brien, Claudette Robey, Larry C. Ledebur, Billie K. Geyer, K. Toth, and Michael McGoun

The Community Development Innovators Program, Valuing the Past and Assuring the Future, Roland Anglin

The Role of Inner-Ring Suburbs in Metropolitan Smart Growth Strategies, Sugie Lee and Nancey Green Leigh

Toxic Mold Issues And Effects On Property Values: A Preliminary Analysis, Robert A. Simons and Ron Throupe

University Involvement in Downtown Revitalization: Managing Political and Financial Risks, Mark Rosentraub; Cummings, Scott; Mary Domahidy; and Sarah Coffin

What Planning Commissioners Need to Know About RLUIPA, Alan C. Weinstein

Submissions from 2004

The Role of the University in City Planning: A Case Study of Cleveland's Lakefront Redevelopment, Wendy A. Kellogg and Kathryn Hexter

Jewish Cleveland 2004, Mark Rosentraub and Kathryn Hexter

Trends Analysis of Coastal Training Programs in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System: Executive Summary, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Kirstin Toth, Dan Baracksay, Michael McGoun, Wendy Kellogg, and Michael Tevesz


Playhouse Square Center: Economic Impact and Contribution to Northeast Ohio, Robert Sadowski, Jill Norton, Ziona Austrian, and Mark Rosentraub

Integrated Research of Landuse, Transportation, Environment, and Public Health in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region, Sugie Lee


Regional Economic Indicators: Business & Innovation Climate, Robert Sadowski

Connecting Cleveland to Its Natural Edge: Civic Engagement and the Cleveland Lakefront Plan The Natural City Symposium, Kathryn W. Hexter and Wendy Kellogg

The Current Coastal Resource Management Training Market in Ohio's Lake Erie Basin, Wendy Kellogg, Kevin O'Brien, Claudette Robey, Micheal J. Tevesz, Dan Baracskay, Linda Feix, Christine Kasselmann, Jeffrey Reutter, and Gene Wright

Endogenous Economic Growth and Regional Development in China, William M. Bowen and Qingshan Tan

Locating Capital Cities within an Economy: An Analysis of the Spatial Structure of Knowledge-Based and Other Administratively Related Industry, William M. Bowen and Mukesh Kumar

A Culturally Competent Approach to Cancer News and Education in an Inner City Community: Focus Group Findings, J.P. Marks; W. Reed; K. Colby; Ronnie A. Dunn; Mosavel, M.; and Said, S.A.

Analysis of Economic Impacts of an Earthquake on Transportation Network, J. Sohn, Geoffrey Hewings, T. Kim, S. Lee, and Sung-Gheel Jang


An Analysis of the ANERR Coastal Resources Management Training Market, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Daniel Baracskay, Michael McGoun, and Michael J. Tevesz


An Assessment of the Coastal Training Program Needs of the ANERR Region, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Kevin O'Brien, Michael McGoun, and Michael J. Tevesz

A Note on Origins: Hegel, Weber, and Frederician Prussia., Michael W. Spicer

A review of alternative economic base study methods for community economic development, Jordan S. Yin

Aristotelian Rhetoric, Pluralism, and Public Administration, Anthony Molina and Michael W. Spicer


A Summary of the Findings of the Coastal Training Market Analysis, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, and Daniel Baracskay

Benchmarking Northeast Ohio: Selected Economic Development and Quality of Life Indicators (Presentation), Ziona Austrian

BUGC - Funding Options for Emerging Public Works Infrastructure Investments in Cuyahoga County. Prepared for Build Up Greater Cleveland, Center for Public Management

Building the Organizations that Build Communities, Roland Anglin

City of Bedford, Ohio - Analysis of the Financial Condition of Bedford, OH 1993-2003, Center for Public Management

City of Westlake: Citizen Perceptions of Municipal Services. Prepared for the City of Westlake, Ohio, Center for Public Management


Coastal Training Program: Advisory Council Protocol, Claudette Robey and Kevin O'Brien


Coastal Training Strategy for the Ohio Lake Erie Basin, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, and Kirstin S. Toth

Condominium Sales in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1990-2004, Thomas Bier

Economic and Fiscal Aspects of Coastal and Watershed Stewardship Practices Project, Wendy A. Kellogg, Erica Matheny, and Michael McGoun

Evaluating the Success of Urban Success Stories: Is Reputation the Best Guide to Practice?, Wolman L. Harold, Edward W. Hill, and Kimberly Furdell

Evaluation as a tool for reflection entry to the web-based Intractable Conflict Knowledge Base, Sanda Kaufman, M. Elliott, and T. Pearson

First Amendment Zoning Issues: Regulation of Signs, Adult Entertainment & Religious Uses, Alan C. Weinstein

Frames, Framing and Reframing entry to the web-based Intractable Conflict Knowledge Base, Sanda Kaufman, M. Elliott, and D. Shmueli


How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?! EPA's Ongoing Struggle with Data from Third-Party Pesticide Toxicity Studies Using Human Subjects, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson


Innovation in Economic Development, Ohio MEMS Association 2004 Economic Summit: The Business Case, Edward W. Hill and Patrick Gammons

Is it Capacity Building or Grant Readiness? A Foundation and its Nonprofit Constituents, Stuart Mendel


Manufacturing Pennsylvania’s Future: Regional Strategies that Build from Current Strengths and Address Competitive Challenges, Edward W. Hill


Manufacturing Pennsylvania's Future: Regional Strategies That Build From Current Strengths and Address Competitive Challenges - Executive Summary, Edward W. Hill

New Housing in Cleveland, Re-Sale Price Change, 1990-2003, Thomas Bier

Northeast Community Center: Toward A Program Strategy, Center for Public Management

Philadelphia's Space in Between: Inner-Ring Suburbs Evolution, Sugie Lee and Nancey Green Leigh

Public Administration, the History of Ideas, and the Reinventing Government Movement, Michael W. Spicer


Recent Developments Concerning RLUIPA, Alan C. Weinstein

Residential Sales Appreciation, City of Cleveland and Suburbs of Cuyahoga County, 1989/91 - 2001/03, Thomas Bier


RLUIPA: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Heading?, Alan C. Weinstein

Sheriff Sales of 1-Family Homes, City of Cleveland, 1990-2002, Thomas Bier

Smart Solution for the City: Fans Should Buy the Browns. Crain's Cleveland Business., Kevin O'Brien and Richard Bingham


Sustainable Communities Symposium and Resource Guide, Rosemary Szubski

The Economics of Sports: An International Perspective, Robert Sandy, Peter Sloane, and Mark S. Rosentraub

The Effect of Freight Railroad Track Activity on Residential Property Values in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Robert A. Simons and Abdelaziz El Jaouhari

The English Levellers and American Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission, Linking Land Use and Lake Erie: Best Local Land Use Practices, Kirby Date


The Policy Circle: A Framework for Analyzing the Components of Family Planning, Karen Hardee, Imelda Feranil, Jill Boezwinkle, and Benjamin Y. Clark

The Status of Minority Cleveland: A Report to the Urban League of Greater Cleveland on Minority Business Entrepreneurship, Stuart Mendel


Trends Analysis of Coastal Training Programs in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Kirstin S. Toth, Daniel Baracksay, Michael McGoun, Wendy A. Kellogg, and Michael J. Tevesz

Understanding the Outcomes Of Brownfield Cleanup Programs, Robert A. Simons, John Pendergrass, and Kimberly Winson

Useful Life Financing of Environmental Facilities, George Butcher, Kevin O'Brien, and et. al