Submissions from 1998

Democracy Without Politicians: Neighborhood Organizations and Public/Private Partnerships, Stuart Mendel

Development Trends in Medina County, Ohio, Thomas Bier

Dynamics of Suburbanization in Ohio Metropolitan Areas, Thomas Bier and S. Howe

Frederick the Great on Government and Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

Government Regulation of Contaminated Land: A Tale of Three Cities, Robert A. Simons, Nelson Chan, and Rodney Jefferies

How Many Brownfield Sites are There?, Robert A. Simons

Industrial Policy American Style: From Hamilton to HDTV, Richard D. Bingham


Methods for Teaching Environmental Law: Some Thoughts on Providing Access to the Environmental Law System, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

Performance Measurement: Concepts and Techniques, Marilyn Jackson, Cheryle Broom, Vera Vogelsang-Co, and Jody Harris


Performance Zoning: A Silver Anniversary Evaluation, Alan C. Weinstein

Price Appreciation of Older Homes, Thomas Bier

Principles for Rethinking The Federal Government's Role in Economic Development, Edward W. Hill

Public Administration under Enlightened Despotism in Prussia: An Examination of Frederick the Great's Administrative Practice, Michael W. Spicer

Public Policy and Urban Sprawl: Lessons from Northeast Ohio, Burgess P. and Thomas Bier


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Single-Family Home Sales and Appreciation: Cuyahoga County 1997, Charles Post


Strategy Building Session for the Port Authority for Brownfields Redevelopment in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, OH, Kirstin Toth and Donald T. Iannone


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Tax Increment Financing: Municipal Adoption and Effects On Property Value Growth, Mark Rosentraub and Joyce Man

Teaching Neighborhood Collaborative Planning, W Dennis Keating

The Air Services Hierarchy in North America: A Regional Perspective on Air Services and Economic Development, Edward W. Hill

The Changing Value of Real Estate in the Cleveland Area, Thomas Bier


The Chemical Cluster in the Northeast Ohio Region, Dwayne Keeney and Adina Swirski Wolf


The Community Development Industry System: A Case Study of Politics and Institutions in Cleveland, Jordan S. Yin

The community option in urban policy, Jordan S. Yin, J. Pitt, and P Clavel

The "Modified" Takings Test of Goldberg v. Richmond Heights: Why the Ohio Supreme Court Didn't Get It Quite Right, Alan C. Weinstein

The Science of Administration, The Founders, and Theories of Political Association, Michael W. Spicer

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Turning Brownfields Into Greenbacks: Developing and Financing Environmentally Contaminated Urban Real Estate, Robert A. Simons

Turning Brownfields into Greenbacks: Redeveloping and Financing Contaminated Urban Real Estate, Robert A. Simons

Submissions from 1997


The Future of Northeast Ohio's Airports: Framing the Coming Debate, Edward W. Hill


Ohio's Metropolitan Areas: Employment and Payroll Trends in Central and Suburban Counties, Ziona Austrian

Regulation of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks: Unintended Side Effects, Robert A. Simons and Arthur Sementelli

Assessment of the Rising Tide Initiative of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Edward W. Hill and Rosalyn Allison

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City-Suburban Income Disparities and Metropolitan Area Employment: Can Tightening Labor Markets Reduce the Gaps?, Edward W. Hill and Harold Wolman

Jump Starting New Urban Housing Markets: Do the Fiscal Benefits Justify the Public Costs?, Robert A. Simons and David Sharkey


Policy Lessons from Cleveland's Economic Restructuring and the Accompanying Case Study, Edward W. Hill


Review of Global Ecology: Environmental Change and Social Flexibility and Environment and Resource Policies for the World Economy, Wendy A. Kellogg


Accounting for the Change in Income Disparities between US Central Cities and their Suburbs from 1980 to 1990, Edward W. Hill and Harold L. Wolman

Anderson's American Law of Zoning, Alan C. Weinstein

Avoiding the issue, Jennifer K. Alexander

Beyond Edge Cities, Richard D. Bingham, William M. Bowen, and et al.


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Governance Education: Helping City Councils Learn, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs

Government and Business Finance in Russia, Edward W. Hill and Terry Buss


Land Use and the First Amendment, Alan C. Weinstein


Lessons from RAPs: Citizen Participation and the Ecology of Community, Wendy A. Kellogg


Metropolitan Growth and the Local Role in Surface Water Resource Protection in the Lake Erie Basin, Wendy A. Kellogg


Municipal Regulation of Adult Entertainment, Alan C. Weinstein

Political Science and Public Administration: A Necessary Cleft?, Lawrence F. Keller and Michael W. Spicer

Postmodern Philosophy and Public Administration: Some Reflections on 'Deconstruction and Pragmatism', Michael W. Spicer

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Public Administration, the State, and the Postmodern Condition, Michael W. Spicer


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The Challenge of Providing Adequate Housing for the Elderly . . . Along with Everyone, Alan C. Weinstein

The Economic New World Order, Richard Bingham and Edward W. Hill

The Effect of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks on Residential Property Values in Cuyahoga County Ohio, William M. Bowen, Robert A. Simons, and Arthur Sementelli

The Effect of Underground Storage Tanks on Residential Property Values, Robert A. Simons

The History of Statistics, William M. Bowen

The Influence of Hume on American Public Administration , Michael W. Spicer


The Ohio GIS Network: Stage 1 1993 Investment Fund Development Grant Progress Report to the Ohio Board of Regents (Ohio GIS Network), Mark Salling


The Ohio GIS Network: Stage 2 1996 Investment Fund Grant First Year Progress Report to the Ohio Board of Regents (Ohio GIS Network), Mark Salling


Zoning and Landmark Regulation of Religious Institutions after City of Boerne v. Flores, Alan C. Weinstein

Submissions from 1996


Small Business Lending: Barriers and Trends, Zhongcai Zhang and Ziona Austrian

Financing Environmentally Contaminated Land in the Great Lakes Empowerment Zones, Robert A. Simons

Leading and Learning: Let's Make a Deal, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs

1995 Buyers of Cleveland Homes and Trends 1983-1995, Thomas Bier

Administrative Interpretation of Statutes, Michael W. Spicer and Larry D. Terry

A Report on the Workshop on Benchmarking Best Practices in Brownfield Finance, Kirstin Toth and Donald T. Iannone

A Thurstonian View of AHP, David MacKay, William M. Bowen, and Joseph Zinnes

Book Review, W Dennis Keating

Book Review, W Dennis Keating

Cleveland the Comeback City: The Politics of Redevelopment and Sports Stadiums Amidst Urban Decline, W Dennis Keating

Competitive advantage, economic development, and the effective use of local public dollars, Mark Rosentraub and Michael Przybylski

Designing an International Business Curriculum: A Market-Driven Approach, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs, Raj G. Javalgi, Diana Lawson, and Steven White

Development and Issues of Inner-City Retail Niche Markets, Robert A. Simons and John Brennan


Essay: The Challenge of Providing Adequate Housing for the Elderly...Along with Everyone Else, Alan C. Weinstein

Floodplain Regulation, Alan Weinstein

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Harmon's Paradoxical Contribution to Ethics in Public Administration., Jennifer K. Alexander

Internationalizing Business Education: Curriculum Design and Power Politics, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs, Steven White, and John Mlckovsky

Patterns in State Economic Development Policy, David Elkins, Richard Bingham, and William M. Bowen