Submissions from 1989

Trends and Transformations in Work and the Workforce: A Synthesis of Government Publications, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs


Yonkers' Planners Acted Ethically: Its Citizens and Politicians Acted Illegally, Edward W. Hill

State Bank Regulators: Their Role In Development Finance, Edward W. Hill and John Clair Thompson

Abandoned Schools in the City of Cleveland: Their Impact on Neighborhoods, and Their Adaptive Re-Use, W Dennis Keating

A Deep Knowledge Planning Support System For Aiding Nuclear Waste Transportation Decisions, William M. Bowen, Kenneth Weeks, Dinesh Batra, and Timothy R. Hill

Book Review: Chicago - Race, Class, and the Response to Urban Decline - Squires,Gd, Bennett,L, Mccourt,K, Nyden,P, W. Dennis Keating

Book Review, Housing and Neighborhoods: Theoretical and Empirical Contributions, W Dennis Keating

Close to Power - Setting Priorities With Elected Officials - Lucy,W, Norman Krumholz

Economic Restructuring: Earnings, Occupations and Housing Values In Cleveland, Edward W. Hill and Thomas Bier


Emergence of Community Development Corporations: Their Impact on Housing and Neighborhoods, W Dennis Keating

Fair Housing: A Sobering Look Back, W Dennis Keating


First Amendment and Land Use, in Recent Developments in Land Use, Planning, and Zoning, Alan C. Weinstein and Edward E. Ziegler Jr.

Land Use and the Constitution: Principles for Planning Practice, Alan C. Weinstein

Linkage: Tying Downtown Development to Community Housing Needs, W. Dennis Keating

Social Science, Public Policy and Persistent Poverty among Urban Blacks: A Review of the Literature, Roland Anglin


Symposium on Rent Control, W Dennis Keating

Tests on a Theory of Risk and Culture, William M. Bowen

The State Development and Redevelopment Plan: An Initial Assessment of the Proces, Roland Anglin

Submissions from 1983

Preselection of child's sex: Technological utilization and feminism, Roberta M. Steinbacher and F. Kilroy

Submissions from 1980

Fiscal Inequity and Tax Evasion: An Experimental Approach , Michael W. Spicer

Submissions from 1976

The Political Economy of British Broadcasting, Michael W. Spicer and J. D. Abel

Understanding Tax Evasion , Michael W. Spicer, S. Lundstedt, and R. A. Hill

Submissions from 1975

New Approaches to the Problem of Tax Evasion , Michael W. Spicer