Submissions from 1996


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Book Review, W Dennis Keating

Book Review, W Dennis Keating

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Submissions from 1995


Toward Environmental Justice: Spatial Equity in Ohio and Cleveland, William M. Bowen, Mark J. Salling, K. E. Haynes, and Ellen J. Cyran

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If Your Grandfather Could Pollute, So Can You: Environmental "Grandfather Clauses" and Their Role in Environmental Inequity, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson


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Marketing Your City or Region, Edward W. Hill

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Submissions from 1994

Cognitive Theory and Planning Decision Analysis: The US Nuclear Waste Repository Site Selection Decision, William M. Bowen


Geauga County Growth Forecast: Study of Expected Trends to the Year 2005, Donald T. Iannone and Ziona Austrian

Neighborhood Reinvestment, Service Factories, and Commercial Gentrification: A Policy Solution That Will Not Work, Edward W. Hill

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Critical-Theory, Public-Policy, and Planning Practice - Forester,J, Helen Liggett

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How to Cope With - Or Without - "Big Box" Retailers, Alan C. Weinstein

Incentive Zoning, Alan C. Weinstein

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IRS Homeseller Provision and Urban Decline, Thomas Bier and Ivan Maric

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