Submissions from 1985

Tax Evasion and Heuristics: A Research Note , Michael W. Spicer and R. E. Hero

The Chicago Development Plan 1984 - Chicago-Dept-Planning, Norman Krumholz, P. Costigan, and W. Dennis Keating

Submissions from 1983

Preselection of child's sex: Technological utilization and feminism, Roberta M. Steinbacher and F. Kilroy

Submissions from 1980

Fiscal Inequity and Tax Evasion: An Experimental Approach , Michael W. Spicer

Submissions from 1976

The Political Economy of British Broadcasting, Michael W. Spicer and J. D. Abel

Understanding Tax Evasion , Michael W. Spicer, S. Lundstedt, and R. A. Hill

Submissions from 1975

New Approaches to the Problem of Tax Evasion , Michael W. Spicer