Submissions from 2010


Putting Artists on the Map: A Five Part Study of Greater Cleveland Artists' Location Decisions - Part 2: Profiles of Artist Neighborhoods, Mark Salling, Gregory Soltis, Charles Post, Sharon Bliss, and Ellen Cyran

Constructing a Community Level Amenity Index, Joanna Ganning and Courtney G. Flint


Does More Federal Environmental Funding Increase or Decrease States’ Efforts?, Benjamin Y. Clark and Andrew Whitford


Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District: Economic Impact of Operating and Capital Expenditures, 2012– 2016, Ziona Austrian, Candice Clouse, and Iryna Lendel


The NASA Glenn Research Center: An Economic Impact Study Fiscal Year 2009, Iryna Lendel and Sunjoo Park

A Cross-cultural Examination of Student Volunteering: Is it all about Rsum Building?, Jeffrey L . Brudney

An Ethic of Race for Public Administration, Jennifer K. Alexander and Camilla Stivers

A Snapshot View of Nonprofit Organizations in a Struggling Community: The Nonprofit Sector in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Jeffrey L . Brudney

At Your Service? Volunteering and National Service in 2020, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Civil Service, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Designing And Managing Volunteer Programs, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Implementing the Four Day Workweek, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Involving Volunteers: Making the Investment, Reaping the Returns, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Making the Switch: Implementing the Four-Day Work Week in America's Largest Cities, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Motivations and Benefits of Student Volunteering: Comparing Regular, Occasional, and Non-Volunteers in Five Countries, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Our Common Commons: What Can Communities, Governments, and Other Stakeholders do to Help Sustain Volunteer Energy, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Problems Recruiting Volunteers: Nature versus Nurture, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Product life-cycles and the geographic diffusion of industries, Joel A. Elvery


Public Opinion and Affordable Housing: A Review of the Literature, J. Rosie Tighe

Reclaiming vacant lands for urban agriculture: a GIS-based multi criteria analysis, Sung-Gheel Jang

Residential Property Tax Abatements and Rebuilding in Cleveland, Ohio, Brian A. Mikelbank

Teaching Management in the Slovak Republic: Lessons Learned and Encouragement for Potential Fulbright Scholars, Nancy Meyer-Emerick


The Ohio Energy Industry: Analysis of the Ohio Energy Business Inventory Survey, Merissa C. Piazza

The Pedagogy of Movies, Norman Krumholz

The Politics of Volunteering Policies, Jeffrey L . Brudney

The Return on Investment in Volunteers: The ROI of Calculating the ROI, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Thirty Years and More: How Has the Nonprofit Academic Literature Addressed Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Practice?, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Ubiquitous Geographic Information, Sung-Gheel Jang


Northeast Ohio Economic Brief, Afia Yamoah


Northeast Ohio High-Tech Economy Report, Iryna Lendel


Regional Science and Innovation Policies: Five Case Studies, Iryna Lendel and Luz Haack


The Effects of Government, Academic and Industrial Policy on Cross-University Collaboration, Benjamin Y. Clark

A Web-based Exploratory Mapping Tool for the Rocky River Important Bird Area, Sung-Gheel Jang

Evaluation of the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project, Brian A. Mikelbank

Putting University Research to Good Use, Brian A. Mikelbank

Service Learning: Findings from a 14 Nation Study, Jeffrey L . Brudney and Sandra Schmahl

What is Urban Studies?: Context, Internal Structure, and Content, William M. Bowen, Ronnie A. Dunn, and David A. Kasdan


Economic Impact of JumpStart Inc. on Northeast Ohio, 2009, Ziona Austrian


JumpStart Inc. Economic Impact and Contributions to Northeast Ohio, 2009, Ziona Austrian and Afia Yamoah


The Ohio Bioscience Industry, Ziona Austrian and Candice Clouse

A Cross-metropolitan Analysis of the Roles of Employment Centers, Joel A. Elvery


Assessing the Feasibility of an Aerotropolis Around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Appendices, Claudette Robey, Daila Shimek, James Wyles, Brian A. Mikelbank, Jim Robey, Kevin O'Brien, and


Assessing the Feasibility of an Aerotropolis Around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Executive Report, Claudette Robey, Daila Shimek, James Wyles, Brian A. Mikelbank, Jim Robey, Kevin O'Brien, and


Assessing the Feasibility of an Aerotropolis Around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Technical Report, Claudette Robey, Daila Shimek, James Wyles, Brian A. Mikelbank, Jim Robey, Kevin O'Brien, and

Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland Measureable Outcomes Project Report, Stuart Mendel


Brief History of Religion in Northeast Ohio, A, George W. Knepper

Can Cleveland become sustainable?, Sanda Kaufman, Wendy A. Kellogg, and Nicholas C. Zingale


Census 2010 and Human Services and Community Development, Mark Salling and Jenita McGowan

Center for Community Solutions Fund Development Plan and Implementation 2009 – 2010, Stuart Mendel

Do Governmental Announcement of Housing Stabilization Policies Reduce Housing Price Fluctuations in Korea?, Sugie Lee

Economic Impact of the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center on The City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, Merchandising Mart Properties Incorporated/MMPI, Kevin O'Brien

Environmental inter-organizational collaboratives and their sustainability, Sanda Kaufman


Equal Standing with States: Tribal Sovereignty and Standing after Massachusetts v. EPA, Nicholas Fromherz and Joseph Mead


Facing the Foreclosure Crisis in Greater Cleveland: What Happened and How Communities are Responding, Claudia Coulton, Kathryn W. Hexter, April Hirsh, Anne O’Shaughnessy, Francisca G.C. Richter, and Michael Schramm

Free Market and Government intervention: a case for mutual co-existence, Nancy Meyer-Emerick


From Ark to Art : The 20-year Journey of the Civic, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, from Jewish Temple to Multi-purpose Community Facility, John J. Boyle III

Government housing policies and housing market instability in Korea, Hyeon Yu and Sugie Lee


Guide to Stones Used for Houses of Worship in Northeastern Ohio, Joseph T. Hannibal

Human Resource Management in the Public Sector: Examining International Cases, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Human Resource Professionalist in Georgia Counties: Examining the Determinants of Knowledge of Law, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Impact of Research Universities on Regional Economies Through the Concept of University Products, Iryna Lendel

In Defense of Politics in Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

Instructor's Manual, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Intra-metropolitan Spatial Differentiation and Socioeconomic Inequalities in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, Sugie Lee

Introduction to the Symposium: Accountability and Performance Measurement: The Evolving Role of Nonprofits in the Hollow State, Jennifer K. Alexander, Jeffrey L . Brudney, and K. Yang

Justice and Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer, Charles Abel, and Arthur J. Sementelli


Katrina's Imprint: Race and Vulnerability in America, Keith Wailoo, Karen O'Neill, Jeffrey Dowd, and Roland Anglin

Local Government Human Resource Management and Federal EEO Law, Christine Ledvinka Rush


Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs Biennial Report: 2007-2009 Levin. Changing America's Cities..., CSU University Marketing

Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Economic Impact Analysis: Columbus Regional Focus Group Report, Kevin O'Brien

Open Source Software for GIS and Spatial Analysis, Sung-Gheel Jang

Open Source Tools in Teaching Advanced GIS Curricula: Challenges and Prospects, Sung-Gheel Jang

Open Source Tools & Standards in GISc Research and Education I, Sung-Gheel Jang

Poor National and Local Economies Keep People from Moving An Analysis of 2009 County Population Estimates for Northeast Ohio, Mark Salling


Promoting Sustainable Local Economic Development, Roland Anglin


Putting Artists on the Map: A Five Part Study of Greater Cleveland Artists' Location Decisions - Part 1: Summary Report, Mark Salling, Gregory Soltis, Charles Post, Sharon Bliss, and Ellen Cyran

Race, Class, and Spatial Dimensions of Mortgage Lending Practices and Residential Foreclosures, Sugie Lee, Timothy F. Kobie, and Mark S. Rosentraub


Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities in Northeast Ohio, Mark Salling and Joseph Ahern

Reconciling Postmodern Public Administration and Constitutionalism: Some Reflections on the Ideas of Stuart Hampshire, Michael W. Spicer

Regional Economic Policy in Europe, Haifeng Qian

Regional Science Association, K. Haynes and Haifeng Qian

Report of the Findings of the Tax Collection Subcommittee, Cuyahoga County Transition Committee: Finance and Administration Committee, Kevin O'Brien

Research Trends and Limitations of the Integrated Study of Urban Planning and Public Health for a Healthy Community, Sugie Lee


Responding to Foreclosures in Cuyahoga County, Interim Evaluation Report January 1, 2009 Through December 31, 2009, Kathryn W. Hexter and Molly Schnoke

Social and Cultural Origins of Motivation to Volunteer: A Comparison of University Students in Six Countries, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Special Issue: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Jennifer K. Alexander, Jeffrey L . Brudney, and K. Yang

Spirituality and the Role of Nonprofits, Jennifer K. Alexander


Stained Glass Windows of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio, Produced by Wilbur H. Burnham Studios, Michael J. Tevesz

Sustainability for a Green City on a Blue Lake, Nicholas C. Zingale, Wendy A. Kellogg, and Sanda Kaufman

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 - Building an Economy Engine to Empower a Green City on a Blue Lake, Nancy Meyer-Emerick

Sustaining Volunteer Involvement, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Talent, Creativity and Regional Economic Performance: The Case of China, Haifeng Qian

Teaching and Living in Presov, Slovakia: My Fulbright Experience, Nancy Meyer-Emerick

The Americans with Disabilities Act, Christine Ledvinka Rush